Some of Our Crew Leaders

Harold Crawford
Fertilizing technician and tree expert: With years of experience in organic and regular fertilizing, as well as disease prevention and identification, Harold is the go-to man when a problem arises in the garden. He enjoys the challenges of dealing with difficult tree pruning projects and is also trained to take care of irrigation and watering problems. In his free time he can be found somewhere in the great outdoors, fishing, hiking, and having a good time. Harold has been with GGL for 14 years.

Casey Rice
Casey is our irrigation lead and specialist, constructing, installing and maintaining  irrigation system in the greater Seattle area.  With extensive plumbing experience Casey enjoys difficult and challenging installations and has experience with diverse array of systems including drip irrigation.  With the arrival of longer and drier summers he plays an important role in our commitment to  green and healthy gardens.  Casey is an artist who enjoys painting and other creative pursuits and has been part of the GGL team for 12 years.

John Wood
John has been with the company for eight years and is currently the lead of the lawn mowing and sod division.  He is a licensed fertilizing technician and has experience with many types if lawn and sod installations projects.  John enjoys traveling around the US and abroad.

Nate Lee
Nate specializes in high-end estate maintenance and has extensive pruning experience.  With an artistic attitude and attention to details he has an eye for pruning, topiary and special trimming designs, coupled with a vast knowledge of plants.  He works with GGL since 2009.

Ronen (Founding Partner)
With a BA degree in Horticulture and Agriculture, Ronen founded Green Garden Landscaping, with the intention of creating a different kind of company, where values and ethical standards can be expressed, while making a positive contribution to the environment and society. Putting his academic training to good use, Ronen is constantly communicating with our customers about their trees, shrubs, and flowers, and their future landscaping plans. Ronen is an avid reader of scientific and inspirational books, enjoys playing the cello, and volunteers often in his children’s school.

Alon (Founding Partner)
With a BA degree in Economics and Psychology and a Masters degree in clinical psychology, Alon is the business manager of the company, helping the whole operation run efficiently and taking care of all business related issues. In his free time he volunteers in conducting workshops helping people who suffer from depression. One of his recommendations; enjoy nature and spend a lot of time in your garden.